Culey Walker
Design | Illustration | Photography


                                                                                                                                                                                             Doodle by Jana Kinsman

                                                                                                                                                                                             Doodle by Jana Kinsman

Culey Walker

Culey (pronounced 'Cooley') Walker is the creative studio of Taylor Berghoff and Bobby Reyes. We are a design team from Chicago that through illustration, UI/UX, printmaking and photography, provide design solutions for local businesses, independent clients and any others with community-driven goals.

Culey is a socially conscious brand aimed at helping clients explore their visual identities. We use all the things we love (art, philosophy, old school hip hop) to influence and cultivate websites, graphics, prints and photos that portray the brands we represent in authentic ways. Culey has a highly varied portfolio that bridges Bobby’s product design background with Taylor’s illustration background to bring the best of both worlds to every project. We are thoughtful designers who constantly engage in balancing the needs of the client, the user and ourselves.


  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Brand Identity


  • Creative Direction
  • Editorial & Layout
  • Digital Design
  • User Interface Design

Taylor Berghoff

Co-Founder & Designer

Artist. Designer. Musician. 

Things I like: Thoreau, sour beer, the Google Pixel (and saying hey Google), the MCA, playing music, dancing.

Chicago > Nashville > Chicago; I have found myself back in the place where I grew up with a fully loaded design arsenal. My background is in fine arts, though during my time in Nashville while attaining my BA in philosophy, I also pursued graphic design through undergraduate courses and freelancing.

With a General Assembly Visual Design course now under my belt, I am pursuing UI and illustration more seriously than ever before. I take inspiration from the vast depth of art, music and emotions I experience to sculpt designs I am proud to call my own.


Bobby Reyes

Co-Founder & Designer

Designer. Letterpress Printer. Photographer. 

Things I like: The Wu Tang Clan, crab cakes, football (yes I'm still a Bears fan), guitar effects pedals.

Having a background in user experience design I have spent a lot of time working on digital products. Since the first day I got introduced to ux design I quickly grew to love designing the entire experience from the ground up. From user flows and interactive prototypes, all the way up to a finished user interface. 

But I always return back to making things by hand, whether that's doing illustrations or jumping on my letterpress to do some printing. When I'm not making stuff for the web, you can find me practicing guitar, discussing the golden age of hip hop, or teaching user experience design at General Assembly



User Experience Design
General Assembly (User Experience Design Immersive Course), Chicago, Illinois / Jan 2018 – Current